about the project

amani bin shikhan is the director of where now? 

she is a writer, editor and researcher, among other things. in her work, she aims to frame and reframe questions of tradition and movement through the lens of black cultural expressions and their multidisciplinary histories.

she loves this city more than she should and is deep-in-her-bones tired of condos. she doesn’t want to leave.




amani bin shikhan

samah ali

director of photography, editor

samah ali

first camera operator

shereen abyan

sound technician

ayisha mohamed


bedour alagraa
deka mohamed
faayo houssein
hamdi mahmoud
hannah negash
lali mohamed
milca kuflu
mohamed hassan
rahma & samiya
sefanit habtom
sesiny samuel
sara dadi


about the production company

sisterhood media is a platform dedicated to creating and curating content for folks on the margins. they produce multimedia works focusing on identity and community. where now? is one of these projects.

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